Re-write you life story following my life story coaching plan.

What you’ll learn about yourself

  • Understand the psychology behind your life story, your beliefs and narratives
  • Use proven, step-by-step tools and strategies for helping you to re-write your story
  • Help you to understand how you can quiet the inner critic and empower your self-talk
  • Help you to stop repeating self-defeating patterns and habits
  • Help you to develop self-confidence and a success identity
  • Help you to release past baggage and pain that no longer serve you
  • Use frameworks such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Transactional Analysis to help you to change your life patterns
  • Show you how to transcend the story of your past and take back control of your pen

We will cover the following steps:

  1. What’s a story and why does it matter?
  2. Understanding your why
  3. Conformity and Social Influence
  4. Understanding Schemas
  5. Conditioned Beliefs
  6. Overcoming Confirmation Bias
  7. Neuro Linguistic Programming Sub-modalities
  8. The four life positions of Transactional Analysis
  9. Identifying Your Life Movie Script
  10. Exploring Identity: Archetypes
  11. Identifying Identity and Beliefs
  12. Three Ego States
  13. Identifying Hidden Belief
  14. Questioning Beliefs
  15. Thoughts and feelings journal
  16. Core Beliefs and Outcomes
  17. Generating In-Between Beliefs
  18. Accountability and Planning for Living Their New Story
  19. Circle of Control
  20. Locus of Control
  21. Exposure Therapy – Leaving your comfort zone
  22. Master Willpower by Removing Cues & Triggers
  23. Creating a Reward System
  24. Accepting Other People’s Stories
  25. Closing Ceremony:

I will help you to:Reach your potential by rewriting persistent life stories that you tell yourself and others that keep you in a rut or playing out the same life scripts over and over again.

I will provide you with a structured package designed to support you in changing your beliefs and empowering your identity.

Through powerful activities, questioning, and accountability, I will help you to boost your self-confidence, see your life story from a new perspective, and clearly identify the life that you want to create.

What benefits or outcomes will you receive?
Learn how to stop self-defeating patterns and habits Release pain, baggage and stories that no longer serve youQuiet the inner critic and empower your self-talk Identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back and release themUnderstand and use the power of your mindTake back control over your lifeDevelop self-confidence and a success identity Find meaning and purpose in challenging life experiences Envision a compelling future for your lifeLive in alignment with your true, authentic self each their potential and live a fulfilling lifeConsciously create their own destiny

Going on your own Life Story Journey is a unique and intimate opportunity to deep dive into your life and transform from within.

​You will get to help from me to step forward as you live out your story that you have created deliberately because you have taken back  control of your pen.

You can expect this process to take approximately 6-8 months coming to weekly sessions. You may choose to come fortnightly and I have various packages to suit differing requirements.

You can choose when and how often to have sessions coming monthly if that suits you better.  You can expect the process to take longer if session frequency is reduced.

Costs are as follows:

Pay per session £65 

Pay for entire package up front £1750 (equivalent to 35 sessions @ £50 per session giving a total saving of £525

(Once your 35 sessions have been used up you will be expected to pay per session thereafter if the package has not been completed.  I will work with you to keep you on track to complete the process by the 35th session. If you complete the coaching package in under 35 sessions you can use the remainder of the sessions to suit you. A refund will not be available for remaining sessions).

This is a coaching package that has a clear structure and will require a certain amount of dedication, commitment and time for it to be successful.  

I will support you through this process.